4D Ultrasound

4D scan images aren’t formed using optical data (like your digital camera), instead they are assembled by sound waves and the final image is a computer rendered 3D model of your babyin the womb.

4D technology uses sound that is out of the range of human hearing so your baby will not be aware of the scan taking place. However the image of your baby’s face will be affected by anything that blocks or reduces the sound waves or causes a shadow. i.e. the umbilical cord,baby’s hands and feet, a placenta on the front wall of the womb etc.

It’s the ultrasound computer that creates the colour of your 4D baby, not the colour of your baby’s skin. Some 4D scan companies favour a bright orange perma-tan, we prefer a more subdued suntanned tone.

The sonographer will always start your scan in conventional 2D before switching to 4D. The 2D image allows the operator to align the ultrasound probe to obtain the best images in 4D. Switching back and forth between 2D and 4D will happen many times during your scan as the sonographer tries to obtain the best 4D images for you. It’s these many confusing 2D images that we try to edit out of your DVD. With our exclusive process you will enjoy only the best images of your baby when you re-live your 4D scan experience at home.

Babies can get up to some amazing activities in the womb. You may have seen these on a friend’s DVD or if you have had a 4D scan in the past. Unfortunately a baby’s performance is never guaranteed and so yawning, poking the tongue out, smiling etc. cannot always be captured in 4D no matter how long your baby is scanned!
Sometimes babies just like to sleep. The quality of your baby images is highly dependent on the position of your baby, a clear signal path to your baby, the amount of a fluid in front of your baby, and the physical characteristics of the mother. You can be assured that our ultrasound machine is the highest resolution and specification currently available, and our digital post production will maintain the best image quality on your edited DVD and glossy prints.

We print images in gorgeous glossy colour on photo paper using the highest resolution image in files delivered digitally from the ultrasound machine. The JPEG files we supply are reduced in size and optimised for sharing with friends by email.
To get the very best 4D images it’s important that your baby is in a face forward position with plenty of amniotic fluid between the wall of the womb and your baby’s face. If your baby is facing towards your back or positioned deep in your pelvis we may only see the back of your baby’s head in 4D. Not their best angle we think you’ll agree!

Soda drinks, chocolate or sweets are sometimes used to stimulate your baby so that they move into a better position, so please bring these along to your 4D scan booking. Like we need an excuse!
We hope to see you and your baby soon at The Baby Ultrasound Company